It’s no secret that I love the colour pink and even though it can sometimes can have a reputation for being overly girly, I personally find pink to be a very contemporary and fresh hue. From L.A. shops to my own dining room, I think that infusing the right kind of pink into a space (even just through accent pieces) can create such “cool” yet inviting feeling at the same time. Recently when I spoke to Pink Lady Apples about the importance of this colour, I was particularly interested to understand the psychology behind the hue. As an interior designer I am usually focused on the overall “feel” of a space and often forget that colour also appeals to our emotions just as much as to our personal taste. Karen Haller, a colour psychologist explains that pink,

“Is a colour that signifies sweetness in food and is linked to maternal love by our subconscious. It’s a feel-good comforting colour that appeals to all humans, male and female, young and old alike”

Pink Lady ApplesIt’s honestly no wonder that I am always attracted to pink in design and even food for that matter. I have honestly been buying Pink Lady Apples for years (they are my favourite healthy snack). So even though they are delicious I am pretty sure now it has something to do with the colour as well. Karen Haller also says,

“Pink is light red. Red is one of the four psychological primaries representing the physical so whilst red is physically stimulating, as a softer, lighter version of red, pink is physically soothing, which is why on the whole we find pink a soothing, calming, gentle hue.”

Pink Notebook 2So how can we add pink to our interiors? For pale pink tones I personally love a retro infusion by combining the colour with shades of green! I have been so into soft pink paint colours and I did this in my own dining space, you can see it here. I also love using pale pink to create a soft bedroom. I used pastel pink bed linens combined with a strong grey backdrop when I designed my spare room, see it here. Recently I have also been obsessed with pale pink tableware, this tray is currently on my wish list. Pink LadyFor warmer pink tones, I love adding stronger pops of these hues around the house. Simple accents like a bowl of Pink Lady Apples on the kitchen table or a pop of Summery florals like Peonies (which I used in the picture above) are great ways to add this inviting color.The Power Of PinkVibrant pinks are another favourite of mine. My all time favorite shop exterior is this Paul Smith Store on Melrose Avenue in L.A. It is so much fun yet has such a modern edge to it (which is yet another reason I love the colour). I personally like to add hot pink whenever I can at home. I do this a lot through books as it’s an understated way to add such a bright colour. Here I used my Mexico cookbook and you can also spot this hot pink book cover on my coffee table! I think it’s interesting that Karen Haller also said,

“Bright bubble gum pink or magenta pinks which are quite intense hues are physically stimulating”

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